Uganda Beach Soccer Association is slated to organize its 10th Ordinary General Assembly on Saturday 10th September 2022 in Kampala. It’s the Association’s Annual General Meeting this time around to be hosted by Buganda Royal Institute Beach Soccer Club at Kakeeka-Mengo.

The 44 UBSA delegates will converge in the Conference Hall in Kabaka Mulondo building at Buganda Royal Institute at 10:00 am for assembly business.

The Assembly is chaired by the UBSA chairman and will also have the UBSA executive members deliberate on matters of the new season and also give an account of the previous season.

The last AGM was held in Fufa executive board room with a few members in attendance while others were on zoom due to the pandemic situation of Covid 19.

The assembly agenda is as provided by the UBSA statutes and will be followed accordingly. This is going to be the first time that UBSA members are given the opportunity to host the assembly business. The UBSA executive approved this and will be the order of the assembly sitting. This is intended to empower members and also extend the governance pathway for all the Members.

The 44 delegates of the General Assembly come from the ordinary members of UBSA. They include;

  • Uganda Beach Soccer League Clubs
  • Ubsa Lower Leagues Clubs
  • Ubsa Women Beach Soccer League Clubs
  • Ubsa Referees
  • Ubsa Players
  • Ubsa Youths
  • Ubsa Coaches 
  • Ubsa Schools 
  • Ubsa Universities

While the Ubsa associate Members attend by invitation.

UBSA held its first general assembly in 2013, and this one will be its 10th ordinary general assembly. All delegates and invited guests will be expected to observe the Covid 19 protocols. Proper adherence to Covid 19 standard operating procedures is a must.

The assembly program on Saturday 10th September 2022, will run as follows;

  • 9:00am, Arrival & Registration of Delegates.
  • 9:30 am, Photo/interviews
  • 9:40 am, Arrival of Invited Guests
  • 10:00 am, Start of UBSA Assembly Business
  • 12:30 Pm, End of the UBSA Assembly Business
  • 12:45 Pm Photo Session
  • 1:00 Pm, Lunch
  • 2:00 Pm, Departure.

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