Reason Why Every Club Has 16 Games Instead of 14 Despite The League Having Eight Teams

The fact is that the current FUFA beach soccer league campaign is apparently consisting of eight teams competing.

With the league running on a double round robin format, that would make a total of 14 games for each club after playing against each other twice across two legs.

But by the end of the regular season, teams will have sixteen (16) games played apiece before the championship play offs, and hereunder shows the rationale behind it.

The first kick of this season saw ten teams participating with each playing nine games to completion in the first round.

MUBS team withdrew from the current season

However, two clubs – MUBS and Kampala Junior Team (KJT) were excused from continuing with the competition owing to their individual challenges in the second round, leaving behind eight teams in the league.

Pursuant to Article 25(11) of the FUFA competition rules and regulations, all the first round games and results were sustained despite the withdrawal of the two teams.

The Article states that;

“If at the time of withdrawal, the club has played 50% and above of the league, the results of the first round shall be sustained while all the results of matches in the second round shall be nullified.”

Therefore the permutations yield a total of 16 games for each team when the nine games for the first round and the seven to be played by every remaining club in the second round are summed up.

current table standings indicating the number of games played by every team so far

The regular season will click its apex with nine matches scheduled at FUFA technical centre in Njeru this Sunday of 11th June.

Three teams – Jinja Lions, Mutoola and St.Lawrence University have presently qualified for the championship playoffs due 18th June, 2023 at the same venue.

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