Youth Football Coordinator Encourages Masses To Take Up The Game Of Beach Soccer

Beach soccer is gaining traction gradually but steadily in Uganda. The game is becoming famous in schools, tertiary institutions, Universities and communities in the central, Eastern and western parts of the country.

However, its fame is arguably still incomparable to that of football and it requires a concerted effort from all stakeholders to bring it to the fore.

The western region youth football coordinator – Ronald Alonso Nuwasiima, who is also the chief executive officer of Lions sports club, is undergoing training in football administration and management organized by Uganda Beach Soccer Association (UBSA), the body mandated to run the game of beach soccer in Uganda.

Nuwasiima took his time off to applaud the association for the fantastic job done in developing the sport and also encouraged sports lovers to embrace the game.

“People should take the initiative to know what beach soccer is. The biggest percentage of people in Uganda knows football and other games but beach soccer is one of the best games that of which the organizers and the leaders are trying to put at the national level. We should all embrace it,” he said.

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